The Cow, The Lease Road, and The Sheriff (Part 1)

Back when I was a younger, less experienced (dumb) landman I had an encounter with The Cow. A lot of you reading this instantly know what cow I’m referring to. It’s that motherfucking scrawny piece of shit cow that had the dumb luck (or common sense, since we’re talking about The Cow) to take its […]

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Seismic Permitting

This is a Repost from December 2, 2013, which originally appeared on, written by TheNutShale The People Let’s talk about seismic permitting, especially seismic permitting in an urban environment. Probably one of the best jobs on earth, good pay, healthy exercise each day walking the neighborhoods and flexible working hours as you decide how

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Forklift Frank – New Release from @LandmanRadio

This is some next level shit right here. The legend of Forklift Frank has finally been told, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the rendition done by @LandmanRadio! Check it out on his SoundCloud page. We started joking about making a song about Forklift Frank months ago, because it literally was the literally the

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Overnight Millionaires [Archives] [Repost from July 10, 2013]

Since the discovery of oil as an energy source (as opposed to a lighting product), mineral owners in oil rich areas have been making fortunes from the drilling and extraction of oil and gas. Many old families amassed fortunes from the oil business and established wealth that their children and grandchildren still possess today (read The

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