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Leaning In: The Power Behind the #EFT Community

In the fast paced world of the Energy Finance Twitter (#EFT) community, the journey has ...
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4th Annual NAPE Kickoff Happy Hour presented by LandmanLife

It’s that time of year again everybody, time to dust off those roundtoes and pick ...
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The Roadtrip to Nowhere and Why I’m Still Here

A couple of years ago, a landman buddy threw a question at me that caught ...
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Author Blogs

Each week Tejanobrown gives us a video breakdown of various equipment and processes of wireline operations

Colin is a geologist that manages the production of a field in the Big Horn Basin, each week he shows us a bit more about how that operation works

Doug Shittles is one of our favorite CEOs and he’s got no shame calling out all the Shitco’s Slide Decks

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