The Oil and Gas Road

This was a submission from one of our former authors known as The NutShale: The Oil & Gas Road The Oil & Gas Road (“O&G Road”) is the best damn road on the planet. It is not the “Silk Road” linking cultures and ideas, it’s no Roman engineered masterpiece that stands the tests of thousands …

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Summer Reading

Since we keep seeing requests for a list of oil and gas books, we decided to put together our own with some of our favorite reads. This list spans from beginners guides to the industry all the way to the technical aspects of how the industry works, with quite a lot of history and geopolitics …

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On the Rocks Ep 5

On Episode 5 of On the Rocks with Colin Moody he’s showing us around the top of a tank battery connected to some Big Horn Basin Wells.

Summertime Madness

This year has been a whirlwind at LandmanLife HQ. The love and support we’ve gotten from our fans, customers, and contributors has been the fuel that keeps us rolling on the road trip to nowhere. Figuring out how to give back to our fans, supporters, contributors, the #EFT community, and the oil industry as a …

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On the Rocks Ep 4

Episode 4 of On the Rocks with Colin Moody has us looking at places where surface geology resembles the subsurface structures for an oil trap

On the Rocks Ep 2

Episode 2 of On the Rocks with Colin Moody shows a heater treater setup that is used to separate oil and gas from water before sending products to tanks or sales lines and then water to a disposal system.

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