On the Rocks Ep 6

On Episode 6 of On the Rocks with Colin Moody we’re taking a look at an old Oregon Basin plat map in Park County, Wyoming that was created by Richfield Oil Corp in the 1950s. These old plat maps show all kinds of interesting historical information such as surface tracts, oil and gas leases, well …

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The Oil and Gas Road

This was a submission from one of our former authors known as The NutShale: The Oil & Gas Road The Oil & Gas Road (“O&G Road”) is the best damn road on the planet. It is not the “Silk Road” linking cultures and ideas, it’s no Roman engineered masterpiece that stands the tests of thousands …

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On the Rocks Ep 2

Episode 2 of On the Rocks with Colin Moody shows a heater treater setup that is used to separate oil and gas from water before sending products to tanks or sales lines and then water to a disposal system.

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