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The last time I left the comments completely open here things escalated quickly. I’m trying to set things up right this time. If you want to be a productive member of the landman community there is a forum for that. If you’d like to share some crazy landman life stories keep it in the Parking Lot Party forums.

Plenty of sites cater to professional discourse already, but many are dominated by a few serial posters that shamelessly promote their own business. No one bothers to disagree with their nonsense because who cares anyways? Hopefully that won’t happen here.

I have the feeling that the target audience will be spending more time in the parking lot party forums. If you have a good story for Landman Life, that’s where it needs to be. Please be courteous, and also understand that sarcasm is a way of life for most of us.

Groups are enabled. Let me know if you’d like to create a new one for a specific topic. They are individual forums tailored to specific users (Texas landmen, right-of-way agents, etc) which might help keep discussions more focused.

If you have a request for a new forum/topic/group/etc (or just a suggestion for the site), let me know. The development plan is always changing like any good project.

Let’s see where the open road takes us…

…and we’re back

I’ve been busy. Hopefully we all have. Over the next couple of weeks there will be quite a lot of content added here, most of it will be new but I will try to dig up some of the old stories (might do some re-edits) for the Landman Life OGs. The old crew is still around, and I hope that we can look forward to some insights from MetalHead, the NutShale, and of course TitleNazi in the near future. I’m spending most of my time getting the parts of this site up and running, a lot has changed in the years since I last had a website here.

Should have a new post for you soon.

There’s always time for one more beer.

Landman Life