On the Ground with Tejanobrown Episode 2

Episode 2 – TejanoBrown on the Ground TB-2

On Episode 2 of On the Ground with Tejanobrown, we get to see the insides of a perf gun. Our host Tejanobrown shows how the charge carrier works, highlighting the jet perforating charges, the through wire and primer cord, and the detonator. Once the gun is in place downhole, an electrical current is sent down …

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Weekend Sale to Celebrate #EFTtattoo!

First off, congratulations @TejanoBrown is part of the LandmanLife family for life! A man of his word, and Tuesday night he proved it to all of #EFT by getting a LandmanLife #EFT #RollCall tattoo, which just adds more fuel to the #poundgate fire…c’mon @FracSlap, all you have to do is smoke the pound! If you …

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