Leaning In: The Power Behind the #EFT Community

In the fast paced world of the Energy Finance Twitter (#EFT) community, the journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster – filled with highs, lows, and unexpected twists. Art Berman memes and “behave or be blocked” are about the only thing you can really rely on never changing. This community, which is a real a melting pot of professionals, enthusiasts, and casual observers in the oil and gas industry, has given me so much over the years. Today, I want to share my story of giving back to this vibrant community that has been a cornerstone in both my professional and personal life. I’ve talked more about it recently in this post The Roadtrip to Nowhere and Why I’m Still Here.

I am still working on my wrap up for the NAPE Kickoff Happy Hour, but this message is something I felt needed to be shared as a primer for what’s to come.

Reaping What You Sow: The #EFT Philosophy

My involvement with #EFT has been a living testament to the principle of ‘you get out what you put in.’ This philosophy, which is a huge part of Richard Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has been a guiding light in my journey. The more I’ve engaged with this community, the more it has enriched my life, offering insights, friendships, and unforgettable experiences. With no expectation of a return on time and money invested in this community it has been amazing to see all of the ways that it has given back to me, often many times greater than what I put in.

Resolving Conflicts: The Unspoken Strength of #EFT

Some of the EFT Crowd at the NAPE Kickoff Happy Hour on Tuesday Feb 6

One of the most powerful aspects of #EFT is its ability to transcend petty conflicts. A personal anecdote that stands out is my reconciliation with a fellow member, FracSlap. I really have to push myself to not type SacFlap…but I’m going to try. It was a senseless feud that continued out of habit more than reason. Over the past couple of years our hostility towards each other was both stoked and encouraged by parts of the community and also shunned and dismissed by others. All it took was reaching out to him to say congrats. There were more words, of course, but that’s the essence of it. Having him and Chuck show up to the happy hour on Tuesday was fun and felt like a new chapter in my journey with #EFT. To the people that have said they’re going to miss the conflict, well, I can assure you, me & Sac aren’t going to agree all the time, and we might not get along THAT much, but I think we can put our disagreements aside to see the bigger picture when we need to.

The Magic of Inclusivity

Hosting the NAPE Kickoff Happy Hour for the past 4 years led up to this past Tuesday, a moment that epitomized the spirit of inclusivity. I tried to be more careful with who I was inviting that was not part of #EFT, making sure that everybody would blend well, bringing together old friends like James Timmins and Tommy Holmes with new acquaintances and even strangers. This blend of different personalities and backgrounds, all coming together under the #EFT umbrella, was a poignant reminder of the community’s diverse yet cohesive nature. We had landmen, lawyers, engineers, geologists, finance bros, tech nerds, safety guys, service guys, Canadians, offshore weirdos, and completely random lurkers. And it was a fucking blast.

A Platform for Sharing and Learning

What truly sets #EFT apart is its culture of sharing knowledge and experiences without expecting anything in return. It’s a rare trait in today’s world, where reciprocity often dictates interactions. In #EFT, however, the free flow of information and support is a testament to the community’s genuine desire to uplift and educate each other. The introductions that #EFT has made possible in my career over the past 4 years could not be found with any amount of traditional networking. People often act like their connections and relationships are some kind of capital that can be hoarded, to be capitalized on at a later date. #EFT doesn’t operate like that. “Yeah, I know that guy, let me put together an email and introduce ya’ll.” Helping each other ultimately helps all of us.

The Personal Touch: Real-Life Connections

Online interactions can be misleading. Meeting Zac Frazier was a prime example of how real-life connections can change perceptions. I don’t even remember what it is that we disagreed about online, but that melted away in the face of genuine, face-to-face interaction, underscoring the importance of personal connections in understanding and collaborating within #EFT. As landbros tend to do, we started laughing about time spent up in Pennsylvania working for Mr. Marcellus. “Did you know they invented rednecks?” I mean, they only brag about it every 15 minutes, how could I forget? Maybe someday I’ll have a reason to release the meme I made about Zac, but for now it’s just gonna collect dust in a folder on my Google Drive.

Giving Back: My Commitment to #EFT

Asking why I invest time and resources in #EFT is a question I often encounter. For me, it’s simple: it’s my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much. Whether it’s hosting meetups, engaging in discussions, or simply sharing a meme, every action is a token of my appreciation and commitment to this incredible community. If it involves a couple of beers then hell yeah that’s even better.

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, #EFT was a beacon of hope and laughter. Maybe not hope…commiseration would probably be a better term. The LandmanLife store and various EFT meetups were milestones in my journey, blending my professional career with my passion for this community. It was during these challenging times that the true essence of #EFT shone through – as a source of amusement, relief, and, most importantly, a strong sense of community. Our Friday night rally cry was something that blew up bigger than anyone had imagined, getting mentioned by Sankey on CNBC multiple times. ROLLCALL, LFG!!!! I’m glad BSB is keeping the tradition alive.

Looking Ahead: The Future of #EFT

As we move forward, the landscape of #EFT continues to evolve. We’ve seen members climb the professional ladder, start families, and even retire. But one thing remains constant – the sense of community. Whether we are hosting happy hours in Houston or planning meetups in Midland, the essence of #EFT persists: a platform for growth, support, and camaraderie. I’m here for it all, and I’ll continue to do what I can to bring everyone together.

In conclusion, #EFT is more than just a Twitter hashtag; it’s a community, a support system, and a source of endless learning and laughter. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the oil and gas industry and life in general, the #EFT community stands as a testament to the power of unity, understanding, and shared growth. Let’s keep leaning in, for there’s so much more to discover and cherish in this extraordinary community.

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