Avi Mirman’s Battalion Oil Bid for $450 Million: A Personal Perspective on His Unpaid Debt to Me

FIrst, A Disclaimer

I had written this post before Avi Mirman called me to talk two nights ago. We visited about how Ruckus Energy fell apart, and Avi acknowledged that he would be pissed off if he was in my same position. While we might get together and have a couple of beers, we still have some unsettled business. That’s what I’m laying out here.

The Headline

Abraham Avi Mirman, chairman of the board of of Fury Resources is allegedly purchasing Battalion Oil for $450mm. There are still a lot of details we are digging through with the SEC 8-K and other associated filings regarding this merger, which I will continue to update. While I am reviewing all of these filings and putting together my thoughts, I think one thing really stands out:

Avi Mirman is the CEO of Ruckus Energy, who can’t even afford to pay my company MYR Land Services the $62,000 or so dollars that they owe us for work we did back in the summer of 2022. We were as patient as we could be, but Ruckus and Avi Mirman continued to break every agreement we made with them for payment. Avi also refused to declare bankruptcy, despite owing much larger sums of money to many more vendors and service providers (the liens and judgements continue to pile up). He wanted to take Ruckus Energy public. Obviously he won’t be doing that since the SEC banned him in January…so now he’s just going to leave all that mess and walk into a whole new deal. Fury Resources. Kinda fitting.

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