Being Original and Owning an Idea

A couple of people have sent me a tweet from some guy in Alberta with his “OnlyRigs” logo. This happens a lot, and there’s nothing that I can or will do about it. I think my design was more true to form and looks more legit than his, but he was lazy about it and probably doesn’t care. Most people won’t. The idea was bound to happen, it’s just too easy. I think I was first to market but that doesn’t mean shit anymore. So far, I haven’t seen anybody else get the details right.

The design I came up with was original, but it was still parody. Based on someone else’s design, intended to be recognizable due to the fame of the OnlyFans logo (which they have since changed…I think their original was far superior). So, in the end, I don’t claim to have come up with the idea for OnlyRigs. People were asking me for it. I can’t claim ownership of that.

I appreciate people that are looking out for things like this, regardless of the futility of any type of claim or ownership of the designs. My parody work was fun for awhile, but it ran its course. I think coming up with the same shit (sloppier) over 2 years later is just lazy. Wholeheartedly unoriginal. But…if people want to go buy it, then who cares? That’s just not my jam anymore.

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