What’s the Rush? Live Your Life

When I was younger, I didn’t care if it took me 2 hours for a 90 minute drive. Maybe I stopped to get gas and ice down a couple of beers for later, then grabbed a burger at the spot next door. Sometimes I’d roll off the main road and just…explore for awhile. I used to know all the beer joints, taco stands, and cool shit all around where I worked and the roads to or from there. Then…I started getting older.

Conference calls started to be a regular occurrence. More meetings. More responsibility. A fuck ton more emails, phone calls, and text messages ensued. As I got older and my “responsibilities” grew…I started speeding down the highway. Getting to some little small town 15 minutes faster wouldn’t gain me any more freedom from the constant pull of the bullshit, but that didn’t stop me from feeling like I needed to get there faster anyways.

I stopped stopping because I felt like I didn’t have time. But…I did. I do. My time is exactly that. My time. How I choose to spend it is my own choice. That’s something that might seem like “no shit bro” but I don’t think most people truly understand the concept. Take back your time, take back your life. Slow the fuck down. Have some fun. Live in the moment.

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