Welcome to The Party – Motorboat’s Origin Story

A long time landman buddy of mine named Motorboat sent in his origin story after reading the Intern’s post the other day. I met Motorboat on my first landman job up in DuBois, Pennsylvania. He is a hell of a party that’s for damn sure. Even though he’s given up drinking the guy is still the loudest, rowdiest person at the bar. He started a lot of shit up in Pennsylvania when he’d walk into the bar and scream “I NEED TWO COORS LIGHTS AND TURN ON THE DAMN COWBOYS GAME!” Anyways…here’s his origin story:

Welcome to The Party

Holy Hell….this guy could party. I mean I was college kid, in my PRIME, and this guy could drink me under the table in a heartbeat. This is my Landman Origin story.

Sitting in class I realized that more school after college to get that Law degree was sounding less and less appealing. I mean I wanted to go make some stone cold cash. My plan from day 1 was changing and I needed to think hard and fast what to change It to.

It just so happens that my lease happened to be up and it was time to move. I found a great place, walking distance from campus, but large enough to host a rager whenever needed. I was just getting settled in when I heard a knock at the door, who could it be at 10 am on a Tuesday.

I open the door and an older man was standing there with a case of beer and a large grin on his face, “Good morning young man, I wanted to introduce myself. I am your next door neighbor and wanted to get off on the right foot”. Oh shit I think, I have a family or something next door. Not good for my Party potential. I could not of been more wrong. This case of beer was his Pre-Apology for his own loud music and shenanigans that may occur at any time. We were going to be fast friends.

How Landmen Are Made

Day after day, party after party, the new neighbor and I really hit it off. One thing I could not understand is, how did this guy afford to live like this, and two, what job allows you to be this hungover every day!!! I was enthralled. I knew whatever he did, I had to get in this game.

One morning while sitting there smoking our ritualistic, post all night party blunt. I finally inquired as to what he did for work and how I could also Party work like this for the rest of my life.

He not only told me about the wonderful world of land work, he also put me to work!! I was paid a solid 100 bucks a day to go to the courthouse and pull docs whenever he needed them (Pre Online records). Oh man I was hooked, how easy was this, and my god the pay!!

18 years later, I am still a landman. And I am ever grateful for moving next door to a Landman.  

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