#EFT Caption Contest Giveaway Winners

We had some good submissions, a couple that were a bit meh, and 1 or 2 that all of us keep shaking our heads at. There was a lot of focus on the safety aspect of speeding while tweeting, but let me assure everyone that no landmen were harmed during the creation of this post, and I took appropriate precautions to make sure I didn’t spill my beer.

Biggest takeaway from this contest is that none of you read the fucking instructions. Regardless, we decided to count replies and not just the RTs. Thank you to everyone that participated, and we certainly had fun coming up with our winners.

The unanimous First Place winner is @con_mid for bringing the fire. Well done sir! You’ve won your choice of a hat and an Energy Loud Energy Proud coffee mug!

@PermianLandman’s picks:

“You’re Fired from the Next Three Consecutive Prospects” Award because what the fuck does that even mean goes to @Cuwbs. None of us could figure it out, and it made Halli blush. Congrats man, you get a koozie for being weird AF.

@HoustOil got the “Karen’ts not just going after @fracslap?” Award, even though this wasn’t technically submitted correctly…but that doesn’t surprise me because management rarely follows their own chain of command. Koozies!

@HalliBu78316368’s winners:

“Best Landman Burn” Award goes to @22Bankruptcy, because naturally, if Halli has spent enough time out in the field, she’s gotten the landman burn at some point right? The Tech guys call it Raider Rash…a koozie won’t help with that situation (maybe penicillin?) but congrats! You get a koozie.

The “I put the wit in fintwit” award is going to @WillRayValentin. Personally, I feel that you can’t say you work in the oil field if you don’t have a crack in the windshield…and that’s only 1 of 3. I’m more worried about the crack in my headlight…but times are tough. We’ll add the koozies to the list of swag currently on its way.

My selections:

The “Fuck, That’s Some Good Financial Advice” award goes to @JohnFlippinHyde. I feel like fucking Oprah, YOU GET A KOOZIE, AND YOU GET A KOOZIE, and JOHNFLIPPINHYDE GETS A KOOZIE!

@massive_frac got dark AF. I don’t even know what to call this award, because it’s so perfect but also so morbid. “The State of the Industry” award. Since you’ve already got some koozies, I’ll give you a couple of beers once the bars re-open.

Misc Awards:

@ShaleSurvivor didn’t really send in a caption, but given how many responses (she) gave that started with “Am I going to have to be the asshole that points out…?” we decided that she gets the “Our CEO told me I had to support women in energy #esg” award. YOU GET A KOOZIE! Maybe a sticker too.


All of the remaining submissions…

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