AAPL – modern day Royal Order of the Water Buffalo [Archives] [Repost from November 25, 2012] [TitleNazi]

Here’s a picture of me at the last AAPL meeting. I’m the blonde guy in the brown shirt.

Yours truly has been a member of the AAPL for going on 10 years, and there are 3 things I can tell you about it for certain.

1. It’s a place for old men to get away from their wives to play golf and get drunk at the annual meetings.

2. It’s a place where arrogant assholes kiss enough ass to gain a position then become even more arrogant.

3. It’s a waste of fucking time and money.

Seriously, if anything in this country needs to be abolished it’s this group. The only people who dare disagree with me on this would be the high ups and the ass kissers.

“But TitleNazi, their code of ethics and bla fuckidy bla keep the industry rid of slackers and yadda yadda”

To which I reply; blow it out your ass.

The guy who tiled my roof last year is a contractor, same as I and my fellow landman are.
Before I hired him I didn’t ask to see his Fraternal Order of Roofers membership card.
Not that there is such a thing, but even if there was I’d hope in his off time, he spent it either doing things with his family or doing something he enjoyed. Why in the fuck would he want to take days off work every month to go hang out with other roofers and discuss work?

Hey Jimbob Bill Jack, did y’all see dat der commercial bout dem new roofing jacks with dem what cha call em shelving to put tiles on? Yep, dems a good idear….. Need a beer?

Ok, technically the guys who tiled my roof were Mexican, but my Spanish slang doesn’t translate very well onto paper.

Basically what it comes down to is the AAPL gives a false sense of importance to anyone outside this industry. It’s just a bunch of old guys with overly inflated egos trying to make themselves appear important when they aren’t.

I know, you’re going to say “but TitleNazi, they act as a government to keep order in a business where there is none”.

To which I reply; blow it out your ass.

There is a reason were contractors. If the AAPL wants to step up and “Govern” us, then they can start paying our taxes.
Much like the United States Government, I’m sure they will do a smashing job of things.

And no, you can’t ask why I’m a part of a group I hate because I’m answering that before you ask.

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