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Avi Mirman’s Battalion Oil Bid for $450 Million: A Personal Perspective on His Unpaid Debt to Me

FIrst, A Disclaimer I had written this post before Avi Mirman called me to talk ...
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The #EFT Community, Meetups, and Katy Trail Ice House TONIGHT

#EFT Community Meetup Tonight It’s about 12:15 pm and I’m on a flight from San ...
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The Weight

For the record, I hate saying shit like this. The consequences for not speaking my ...
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Author Blogs

Each week Tejanobrown gives us a video breakdown of various equipment and processes of wireline operations

Colin is a geologist that manages the production of a field in the Big Horn Basin, each week he shows us a bit more about how that operation works

Doug Shittles is one of our favorite CEOs and he’s got no shame calling out all the Shitco’s Slide Decks

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