Downturn Survival Guide Part 1 – Diet Tips for the Struggling Landman

Downturn Survival Guide Part 1

Diet Tips for the Struggling Landman

This idea was born in the Landbros group chat (very exclusive!!!) and it evolved into LL coming up with the ‘Downturn Survival Guide’.

Part 1 goes to me and I think LL will be around to drop in with nuggets of wisdom from time to time. 

To set the stage, imagine that you just got the call that your project out in Pecos got cut back to 3 days a week.

That means it’s time to tighten the belt up (literally and figuratively) but you say “LFN how can I still eat 3 meals a day and drink beer on a 3 day work week??”

Well boys and girls that is what we are here to figure out:

Tip #1

Eat less!!!

(Ha like that will happen)

Tip #1B

Find out where all industry lunch and learn’s, happy hours, and events are at and go to all of them. If you really want to get crazy, stuff some chicken tenders in your pockets or something. 

(this is what I would do)

Tip #2

If you are out in the field and have some buddies at a field office or on location ask them when the next vendor cook out is and then show up and pretend you aren’t just the landman

Tip #3

Prowl HEB for those like ‘about to expire 50% off deals’

Tip #4

Survive on whatever taco specials Laredo Taco Company (Stripes) is running

Tip #5

You can do what I have been doing to save a couple bucks, cut down to rice and beans for a lot of your meals. Cheap and decently healthy. 

(what I had to do at least one realistic tip here, plus that’s what I have been doing to save a couple bucks)

Tip #6

If you are living somewhere with a Planet Fitness, I think they give you free pizza like once a week.

Tip #7

Little Caesars is still only like 5 dollars. That’s two meals right there maybe…

Tip #8

You might have to actually have to cut back on drinking beer. 

Drunk Man Sleeping At Bar Counter

Tip #9

The ol college diet. Ramen noodles are still cheap. 

Final Tip #10

Call up any title attorney you know and see if you can get a free lunch out of them. Pretend you can give them work if you have to. 

Seriously though, if you are a out of work Landman and struggling for a meal, reach out to us and we can find a way to help you out. 

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