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What’s on my Kindle? Reading List for May 2023

Why I’m Sharing my Reading List This post contains affiliate links that we might get a scant smidgen of benefit from if you purchase anything off our list. We’ll use that money wisely, to buy more books…or something fun. I’ve shared a few reading lists previously, so it should come as no surprise that I

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Developing Curiosity – Thinking Like a Landman Can Change Your Life

One of the most important aspects of being a landman (an actual landman, not one of the cold callers for a mineral buying company that just calls themselves a landman) is our problem-solving approach. The analytical way in which a landman learns to gather information is similar to the now-defunct profession of investigative journalism. When

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Scratching the Surface – Working as a Surface Landman

In the pie chart of different landmen, most of the pie is taken up by field landmen. The guys out there buying leases, building runsheets, and generally keeping things moving have always been the greatest proportion of landmen. Next up you’ve got your in house landmen. They think they’re “the only landmen” a lot of

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Author Blogs

Each week Tejanobrown gives us a video breakdown of various equipment and processes of wireline operations

Colin is a geologist that manages the production of a field in the Big Horn Basin, each week he shows us a bit more about how that operation works

Doug Shittles is one of our favorite CEOs and he’s got no shame calling out all the Shitco’s Slide Decks

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