2020 Lookback

Date: 12/31/2020

Location: An unidentified airport in the United States.

Ho Lee Shit, what a fucking year it has been. A wild ride for the ages.


Yes, the year has sucked ass but it hasn’t been a total waste.

Below is my Intern Field Notes 2020 Highlight Real Reel:

Joined Twitter and EFT to just scream into the void about getting laid off.

Met @LandmanLife and posted my first my post on the road trip to nowhere.

I got roped in as a founding father of the Landbros group message (shout out to Displaced Texas Landman, Landmannery, Massivefrac, @Landmanbro, Permian Landman, SP and our consulting geologist Clint Barnette.

I’ve learned a lot from some really interesting Twitter minds.

Had my 15 seconds of fame by posting about ShitCo lawsuits and then got tired off all the effort it takes to make those posts.

Saw some super sick LandmanLife swag go out the door (please buy more Alpine High stuff!!)

Saw a good handful of EFT arguments, meltdowns, tantrums, rants, weird shit and pissing contests.

Laughed at just about every new bit Friday Mrs Skilling put out.

Watched a very opinionated, independent community come together to raise a bunch of money for a good cause like Oilfield Helping Hands.
Bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin.

As I sit here in an airport on New Year’s Eve looking deep into the eyes of 2021, I look forward to seeing what a new year has in store for this little corner of the internet. I know LL and I both hope to get the writing juices back flowing, along with the pumping out more swaggggggg.

To close, I have to give a shoutout to the crew chief @LandmanLife for letting me contribute like .00069% effort into growing a platform with awesome potential. It’s been a bright spot in an otherwise pretty dark year and as your intern I look forward to actually trying next year…. maybe.

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