Want a LandmanLife Koozie?

The first production run of LandmanLife Koozies has been dubbed “Founders Edition Blue” and turned out pretty badass. For the past couple of weeks I have been debating what the price point should be for these bad boys, and came to the only logical conclusion…they are fucking priceless. If you see someone with one of these Koozies it will tell you a couple of things about them…obviously they are a badass, a good friend of LandmanLife, OR the winner of one of the giveaways we will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

Upcoming giveaway opportunities will be set up on Twitter and Facebook as well. We are working with the print shop to get orders placed for more colors (to actually sell on the site), in addition to some hats and shirts. Stay tuned for more details on those, or contact us if you’d like to help out with the design process.

If you REALLY want to score some of these Koozies before we run out, send us a story!