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Each week Tejanobrown gives us a video breakdown of various equipment and processes of wireline operations

Colin is a geologist that manages the production of a field in the Big Horn Basin, each week he shows us a bit more about how that operation works

Doug Shittles is one of our favorite CEOs and he’s got no shame calling out all the Shitco’s Slide Decks

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Landman Life

Winter Reading Guide

If you haven’t already checked out the Summer Reading Guide, that’s where you should get started. We’re expanding on that list with our Winter Reading Guide, adding some new suggestions we’ve received, and throwing some new books in the mix. The Map by Daniel Yergin is the newest release to make it on this list.

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Landman Life

LandmanLife is 11 Years Old!!!

On November 9, 2010 I had no idea why I was writing. I was drunk and bored…so why not start a blog? Initially I was just screaming into the void and didn’t care if anyone was listening. After a few months I started looking around the internet to see if there were any other landmen

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Landman Life

The Shitco Suck

This was an email we got earlier this week. We’ve reached out to the author to ask about how they’d like it to be posted but have not gotten a response, so here it is in its original form (with some images added in). I think all of us have felt like this at one

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