“They say I’m crazy but I have a good time”

Joe Walsh

If we’re being honest, Landman Life was born out of complete and utter boredom while I was living in the middle of nowhere. The original concept was on some blog hosting service, and I do not remember actually writing any of it. I lost the login and forgot about it for 2 years. One hot afternoon in South Texas I googled “landman blogs” and eventually after a half hour or so of surfing the (mostly shit, just being honest) results I came across something that I read and thought, “wow, I’d drink a beer with this guy!” When I emailed the author (the blog hosting service had a mail forwarder, so I didn’t know what the guy’s email address was), I discovered that I in fact have had more beers than I could ever remember with that guy…it was my old blog.

That story tells you a couple of things about me and where Landman Life comes from. Maybe you think I’m some kind of moron…sure, I’d agree with that at times. Or an alcoholic? I don’t know that I’d admit to it…but sure, maybe-ish. Regardless of what you think of me (I don’t care), this site is dedicated to all of the landmen I have worked with over the years…all the stupid shit we have done or witnessed, and the stories that make those years great. We have all (at least most of us) been working for an extended period of time in a tiny ass town and need to find ways to keep ourselves entertained. That’s where Landman Life really happens…